Three Injured By Lightning Strike On America’s Biggest Nude Beach

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Three men were rushed to hospital after lightning struck America’s largest nude beach.
The bolt hit Haulover Beach in Miami-Dade County, Florida, in the middle of the afternoon, knocking two mean who were in the water unconscious.
A third man who was on the shore went into cardiac arrest.
Lieutenant Matthew Sparling, from the MDFR Ocean Rescue, revealed that they had just closed the beach because of an earlier lightning strike when another bolt struck.
He said that the electricity from the lightning bolt was the cause of the injuries
He explained: “We were in the process of clearing the area when the strike occurred.”
”The lighting had dissipated throughout the water so the lightning strike wasn’t a direct hit.

“It was more hitting the water and electricity traveled through the water.”
An eyewitness on the beach said that he didn’t realise anyone was injured at first.
He told WSVN: “It looked like people were just relaxing in the water and I thought to myself, ‘Why are people just hanging out in the water after that happened?’
“But they were really kind of paralysed.
“They couldn’t move, and then there was some guy face down in the water.”
Two of the victims were hospitalised and are expected to recover, while the third was treated at a nearby trauma centre.