TAKING SEXY ENGLISH GIRL HOME – London Daygame Infield- Daniel Blake

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London Daygame Infield – Daniel Blake
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In this Daygame Infield Daniel Blake pulls home a hot english girl.

He meets her on the street, bounces her for an instant date, then bounces her to a second venue where he kiss closes. After multiple makeouts, he bounces her home. After the bounceback he uses multiple anti-LMR techniques to avoid any chance of last-minute-resistance.

In this video Daniel uses multiple techniques to build attraction on the street. These include teasing, push-pull and kino.

Daniel uses a lot more kino than other daygame puas, this helps to build lots of attraction in a short space of time.

Daniel is a PUA specialising in both Daygame and Nightgame. Currently he is coaching in London.

Email blakecoaching@gmail.com for coaching enquiries

Daniel first began his journey of pua and daygame 7 years ago. Daniel has practiced Daygame across Europe

Daniel is an expert at going for the same day lay where he takes a girl home the same day,