New ‘Teen Vogue’ editor resigns over past racist, homophobic tweets / Queerty

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McCammond studied at the University of Chicago and emerged as a prominent reporter beginning in 2020 when she covered the Democratic Presidential Primary. She also attracted notoriety for a romantic relationship with TJ Ducklo, former Special Assistant to the President and White House Junior Deputy Press Secretary under the Biden administration. Ducklo’s tenure with the Biden White House lasted just a few weeks; he resigned following reports that he had threatened a reporter, Tara Palmeri, for bringing to light his involvement with McCammond.

McCammond’s career hit another setback when remarks she tweeted in 2011 resurfaced. In the tweets, she mocks the appearance of Asian people and uses slurs against gay people. McCammond did apologize for the tweets and deleted them from her account, though that didn’t stop more than 20 staff members at Teen Vogue from threatening to resign if McCammond took over the job as editor. Ulta Beauty and Burt’s Bees, two key advertisers with the magazine, also suspended marketing campaigns over the hiring of McCammond.

McCammond’s resignation comes amid heightened scrutiny over anti-Asian-American bias in the media and the American public. A series of mass shootings at Asian-American run massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia on March 16 claimed the lives of eight women, six of whom were of Asian descent. Time also reports a worldwide spike in violence against Asian people brought on by stigma stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.