Irish Girl Tries the WEIRDEST Miami Experiences

From the Wynwood Walls to South Beach, onto finding out what a flea market is to my first clothing optional (AKA Nude) beach at Haulover Park. This Irish Girl crammed in a LOT of Weird experiences in one of the weirdest American states, Florida! My first time in Florida was a memorable one, with the first stop as Miami!

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  1. "Your bits n bobs flopping around the place" – it's the Glamour I bring to these videos, ya know?!

  2. 1. Old, used items use to be sold in Flea Markets. There was a good chance the items, particularly clothes, had fleas.
    2. If you did not get sunburned, you are not really Irish. lol

  3. Glad you enjoyed our American nude beaches! I’m a Floridian and nudist myself. So freeing to be naked outside surrounded by beautiful people without a care in the world…

  4. I'm not going to lie, I did have this naughty wish that the camera would take a, shall we say, different angle while you are on the nude beach. 😏

  5. If you live in the Metroplex of Dallas Fort Worth there is a huge flea market each weekend in Grand Prairie at Traders Village. I suspect you live in Allen or Frisco in Dallas County. Also come to First Baptist Dallas. Check out the Singles Department and see a mega church. or if you do not want to drive that far Try one of campuses of Prestonwood Baptist Plano and several others.

  6. I will give you a baby and take you to live in Miami. No problem lets talk and get to know each other.

  7. South Beach is South Beach, not Miami at all. And Wynwood is a gentrified neighborhood. It was a very impoverished black neighborhood till a jerk from NY bought up all the apartments and evicted them, even going so far as to park construction machinery out front and telling them they had 24 hours before the machines tore the apartments down. He then built an entirely fake art district for all the folks who come here for Ultra Fest and Art Basel, taking away from the real art district started by hippies in Coconut Grove. Miami has been entirely destroyed by corruption and Northerners moving here destroying the Everglades and way of life. It's awful.

  8. I always get naked when I’m in the ocean myself my daughter when she was born a week after she was born I took her to the beach and brought her into the water as well and she just loved it. Come to Pensacola Beach in Florida

  9. Most Floridians are descent people. We are a very diverse yet connected people. Only problem is the fact that this state has become unaffordable for people who have been raised here and I truly want a change of season.

  10. That thumbnail of diane though. It's strange when you know you're being manipulated for a click but you still can't help yourself.

  11. A second theory maintains that "flea market" is a common English calque from the French "marché aux puces" which literally translates to "market of the fleas", labelled as such because the items sold were previously owned and worn, supposedly containing fleas.

    I'm just full of all kinds of useless information

  12. we play a game in Kentucky called Florida or someplace else. We announce some story that has happened and people have to decide if it was Florida or someplace else. They are about 50/50

  13. My wife & I liked Haulover quite a lot, I think partially because she was propositioned (lightly) by a young guy as we were leaving. That was a bit weird.

  14. I used to travel a lot, but now it's just to big of a culture difference for me to fit in anyway. People think I'm wierd and I think they are wierd so it kinda balances out I guess lol. I guess I'm from a very small town and I grew up very old school and old school teachings. When I go to a big city it's just to many things I don't like so I stay home where I belong lol. That way I don't bother them and they don't bother me lol.

  15. I'd sure like to go to Ireland again one day (and Miami) whenever I know that I won't be a viral threat to anyone. Maybe a couple years. Passed through Ireland when I was in the Army. Didn't get to experience nearly enough of it. God, Europeans must hate American tourists. Not that I could blame them. But there are those of us that try to disprove the stereotype of the awful American.
    I'm a proud American but the world does not revolve around us and a proud Texan and the world/country/whatever doesn't revolve around us either. It bums me out when in another country and people seem to expect that of us. That we're just there to be obnoxious and gripe about everything.

  16. I think flea refers to the small size of the individual shops as opposed to a big retail unit such as Walmart. But I could be wrong….

  17. Baby Zorro is oddly wearing a Superman costume with a hood and blue mask and with a Z on the chest it instead of an "S".
    What an imposter! >.<

  18. @5:07 Diane: “Why is it called a Flea Market?”

    Me: because at the end of 1 hour in such a place you must Flee, or you will lose your mind

  19. Flea market comes from the French marché aux puces, a name originally given to a market in Paris which specialized in shabby second-hand goods of the kind that might contain fleas. The earliest English use that the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary has found dates from 1922.

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