How to Make Out | Kissing Tutorials

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Maya: Alright guys. We’re going to fill you in on how to have a good make-out sess, otherwise known as session. A good way to get your smooch on. This is not a joke, guys. This is very serious. I would say, you start out with some simple but signaling touches, just to lay the ground work for the chemistry. Then, I would say to lean in the way you…

Harrison: Wrist rubs, I always acknowledge.

Maya: Oh, yeah. That’s always a seductive topic.

Harrison: Or just, you know, if the hair is in the eyes.

Maya: We’re so on the same wavelength. I was going to say, as a girl, I love a little hand through the hair action. Good eye contact, penetrating eye contact is always very good.

Harrison: Yeah, yeah. Don’t blink, even for the camera.

Maya: Never blink, get your eye drops ready. I would say, start out tender and then get more passionate, elevate the passion.

Harrison: Work your way up. Switch it up. Most guys go right, I go right.

Maya: Oh, is that a fact?

Harrison: It’s a statistic.

Maya: How do you know?

Harrison: You want to start out going right, maybe switch it up to the left, maybe you throw in a little bit of tongue. Not too much, you don’t want the penetrating action.

Maya: I don’t know if it’s technically making-out if there’s no tongue. You want to do some tongue.

Harrison: Yeah, yeah. You definitely want to do some tongue.

Maya: A little light massage.

Harrison: So, those are some things to take home with you.

Maya: Take it to the bank.

Harrison: Yeah, take that to the bank.

Maya: You can talk about it for days…

Harrison: But, you’re going to want to see it, right…