Hanlan's Level Seashore is Toronto's solely nude seaside

Hanlan’s Level Seashore is the one seaside in Toronto (and the second in Canada) that operates as a clothing-optional seaside. The seaside additionally has a mandatory-clothing facet to it, however many individuals from town come right here to chill out and benefit from the sights and sounds within the nude.

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  1. Was just here August 9 2020 and 40 ft of the beach is gone not sure why Tory won't fix it it's been a great place for yrs and look at the money it generates sometime u have to spend to make and you would make more smartin up Tory

  2. Everyone on the clothes optional side including me. I hate forced clothes just make the whole beach clothes optional.

  3. This beach is pretty wack for nude recreation. Imagine being the only naked person in a sea of youth drinking n playing games n gawking at you. Resorts are better.

  4. These beach is no longer a nudist comfort zone! It’s full of clothes folk and gawkers. The clothed folk of a general orientation have flooded this beach making it uncomfortable most weekends to be a nudist! Sadly it’ll be a clothing beach soon enough. And to be clear, I have zero issues with anyone’s sexual orientation or gender!!

  5. There are unofficial nude beaches in Scarborough along the shore before you reach Bluffer's Park. You can access them by going down a hill at Warden and Kingston.

  6. But its closed this summer. and there's no ferry so why are you promoting it?
    Edit: was closed, now they suggest you stay off the beach because high water levels. Too bad, I suspect the island beaches won't recover from climate change and rising water levels. Enjoy it while you can!

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