Girliyapa Ep. 1 | Why Should Hot Girls Have All The Fun?

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A hot girl notices that she’s being stared at and her friends lose their shit! Watch this hilarious video to know why.

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Channel Head: Tracy Dsouza @TheTracyDsouza
Director: Sharmishta Nag
Written by: Shruti Madan @Rumpyaari
Dop: Vidushi Tiwari
Executive producer: Arun Kumar
Team Girliyapa: Suprith Kundar, Prachi Makwana, Preeti Rai, Shruti Ranjan
Style Director: Niyanta Chopra
Casting : Abhishek Banerjee/ Anmol Ahuja
Assistant director: Yashodhan Mhatre
Editor: Sahil Verma
Online: Amit Kulkarni
Graphics: Madhuri Rathi
Sync sound: Rajesh Pradhan
Boom Mic Operator: Saurav
Sound design & Mixing: Pritam Das
Post Production Manager: Gaurav Rungta
Production controller: Prashant Rai
Production Manager: Ashish Garewal
Accounts: Anil Harijan

Cast (in order of appearance) –
Niyanta Chopra
Mallika Dua
Srishti Shrivastava
Raghav Kakker
Sohail Khan

Disclaimer: This programme is purely for entertainment purpose. All characters in this programme are fictitious and have not made to imitate any individual(s), group of persons, living or dead. Resemblance to any characters, names, places, events etc. depicted in this program are purely coincidental.

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