Best Screen Kisses – Catch & Release (str8)

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The Story:
Grady and Gray (Jennifer Garner) are engaged to be married. On his stag night/party, Grady dies in an accident. On the day of his funeral, Grady’s best friend, Fritz (Timothy Olyphant), comes to town and stays to help build a memorial garden.

Fritz and Gray slowly become friends – they both loved Grady (though Fritz only in a platonic sense!), but Gray is devasted when she discovers that her fiancé, Grady, was having a relationship with another woman and that they have a child together.

Fritz tells Gray it all happened long ago – eight years, or so – long before she and Grady met. Then the woman turns up with the child, who is only about 3 years old. Gray realises Fritz – and Grady – lied to her and goes to the memorial garden site to confront Fritz…. then this happens! =)

Music info: The track is from the film soundtrack, written especially for the film. You can listen to exerpt here… (and buy it if you want!)