Best Female Tattoo Ideas

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Best Female Tattoo Ideas


Sometimes the best tattoo ideas for men are the simple ones. Other times, not so much. Scope these tattoo designs and decide for yourself.

Gallery of the best tattoo ideas including cool and meaningful animal and flower tattoos in different styles. Get inspiration for your next tattoo here!

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Unity of the Opposites
It is believed that sun and moon tattoos represent the unity of opposites, or the necessity of polarity, opposition, and differences. The meaning and interpretation of this symbolism depend on the individual’s personality and life experiences.
Tattoos of the sun and moon, for example, may refer to the unity between the male and female aspects of a person, or the conflict between their two personalities.

Birth, Rebirth, and Balance

Moons and suns have different, individual meanings for different cultures and traditions. For example, the moon, because of its phases and various appearances in the sky, represents birth and rebirth. Adaptable to the needs and experiences of almost anyone, this is powerful imagery.

The moon tattoo would be a perfect way to commemorate one’s ability to ‘become new’ as one grows older. The changing moon symbolizes both nature’s transformation and human life’s cycle, in this case.

Often, however, the Sun is associated with some sort of deity. Apart from its spiritual significance, the sun embodies the qualities of perfect balance, wholeness, and coordination (the Sun coordinates the movement of planets in the Solar System.).

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