10 Most Beautiful TV News Anchors

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10 beautiful and extremely hot male and female news anchors from all over the globe.
Watching the news is a serious business. But it helps to have some eye candy dishing out the top stories. There are so many sexy news anchors around the world, we had trouble picking just 10. They give the sexiest actors, pop singers and reality stars a run for their money in the hotness stakes. And they also have some seriously impressive skills, accomplishments and awards under their belts.

We’ve got American TV news anchors for CNN, ABC, Fox and Bloomberg. We’ve got international news anchors hailing from the UK, France and India. We’ve got men. We’ve got women. But what do they all have in common? You wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed in the morning. Alas, that remains a fantasy. We’ll just have to make do with waking up with them on our TV screens.

From the Brad Pitt of News Anchors to the World’s Most Beautiful Woman, this lot has racked up some impressive accolades in their time. Take a look at our video of the 10 sexiest news anchors on TV and get ready to drool.

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